wallet.dat Recovery Without Bitcoin Core

walletdatrecovery.com helps to open your old wallet.dat without Bitcoin Core Blockchain synchronization.

We currently only supports wallet.dat and BlockChain wallet.aes.json Bitcoin wallet recovery service. Your donations can be help to buy compute power for wallet.dat recovery service. Please follow these steps :

1) Select your wallet.dat file from your computer
2) Select wallet.dat password status
3) If you know password write exatcly password, if you dont know wallet password write hints about wallet password for help us to crack it.
4) WRITE YOUR EMAIL CORRECTLY into the Contact box
5) Send the form.

Note: Non-locked wallets takes few hours to processing depending on the waiting process list. If your wallet locked with strength password it can take few days or FOREVER. We are using our password pool to crack wallet password. We will take 10% commision from your wallet for password crack. If your wallet not protected with password you will be not charged. We will send your balances as a new BlockChain.info wallet to you.

Select your wallet.dat or wallet.aes.json file from your computer
If your wallet.dat or wallet.aes.json locked with password select "Yes", if you dont know select "No"
If you dont know exactly password but you have hints about password, write in here. We will try to find wallet password
We will send result to your e-mail address.
We're using APIs to create spendable new wallets for customers.
walletdatrecovery.com secured with 256-Bit SSL

We are supporting all 2009-2018 Bitcoin Wallet Versions (All BerkeleyDB versions)